Insincere Apologies

To my dearest 151 followers and countless family members and friends who have oh-so-devotedly stuck with this silly little blog for all these months,

I truly do apologize for being the absolute slackest of slack bloggers known to the blogosphere. It’s not that I have had writer’s block, lost interest or had nothing to write about - quite the opposite, in fact. These past few months have been filled with such beautiful, wondrous adventures that I simply haven’t had time to recount them all. It would have been rather nonsensical of me to put everything on hold to update my blog when such precious time with my gorgeous UK friends was slipping far too quickly through my fingers… Perhaps to apologize would be to lie, as I have absolutely no remorse for taking life by the reigns and ignoring the internet for the first time in a long while. I do promise to update you all - Italy, eastern Europe, new friends, my birthday, crazy parties at the pub, Christmas, New Years, Bath, Bristol, London, horrible goodbyes - but in good time, readers. For now, I’ll be enjoying my final 3 days in the land of dreams before that dreaded Heathrow flight back to Australia. So, in the meantime, get the hell off of my blog and out into the real world - see what you can find. Life may surprise you in the most weird and wonderful of ways.


What's the best way to find a job in London/Southampton/a fun city with accommodation before flying for my 2 month stay this summer? Which city would you suggest staying in? Thanks!

Explore your options online - check out pages like Gumtree and CCUSA for jobs that include accommodation. I don’t recommend basing yourself in London unless you have a hefty savings account that you’re willing to blow - your money will disappear in no time without you even realising! Most cities would be great to work in, so do your research and simply see which locations and workplaces appeal to you the most. Good luck! X